Keeping the Message Alive



The primary aim of The Baton is to Keep the Message Alive! not necessarily to raise funds.

However, as soon as we had started many wanted to raise funds for us, we have used those funds making donations to other military charities and by working with SSAFA and Royal British Legion caseworkers we have been able to help in emergency cases where time is of the essence – we have the advantage of being able to make an almost instant decision when a case is put to the trustees.

How we support has a list of some of the charities that have received donations

There have been many special people who have carried a Baton and its message of conscience, some have been spectacular and world record breaking events, but the same can be achieved by a Dinner Party, Bridge Night or any other occasion where people are gathered, as soon as a Baton is seen for the first time the question is there – what is that? – job done!

All we ask is that wherever a Baton goes, so do the flyers explaining what we are trying to achieve, we do not ask you to raise funds for us, you may be raising funds for another worthy cause but can also take a Baton with you if you believe in its message

As with most issues that concern our society today, we are all the ‘they’ in ‘they should do something’.

How many of us regularly pass comment on how terrible something is but don’t think about doing anything about it ourselves? If we can all do one small thing perhaps we really can bring about change for the better.

If you would like to be a part of Keeping The Message Alive please see our Contacts page.



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