The Baton is a symbol of national conscience

“The Baton is a symbol of national conscience, crafted with care and respect from the handle of a stretcher – symbolising pride, hope, courage and suffering.

Primarily set up for awareness it carries a message of gratitude from those who wish to support the brave men and women of our armed forces who have and do risk their lives so that we may live with freedom of choice, peace and safety.

Any funds donated are used for immediate (often emergency) support and to assist individuals striving to improve their personal situation, the history of this can be seen on our Welfare Support page – no wages are paid and minimal expenses taken just ordinary people doing what they can simply because they care.

The Baton Family – there for serving, former serving, their families and often those who feel forgotten.”


The Baton runs the Exeter Marathon 2017

The Baton team of Baz Gray Mark White, Kevin Hawker Jenny Lane and Alan all completed the Exeter Marathon on Sunday - Congratulations to Kev for coming in 5th overall and to Jenny for completing her first marathon in under 5 hours. Baz, Mark and Alan took a steady...
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Welcome to our new Trustee, Lee Spencer

We're really pleased to let you know that The Baton now has a new addition to our board of trustees.  Lee Spencer served as a Royal Marine for over 24 years completing operational tours of Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan before sustaining a life changing injury...
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To aspire with the spirit adventure – The Baton Tandem

The ‘Baton Tandem’ is a precision piece of fully adjustable equipment costing £6,000 that will enable former service personnel who have lost the full use of their legs to challenge themselves with a sense of freedom and adventure. Sitting in the front seat a person...
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