Claim Your Gold

Clairvoyant to Royalty, Healer and #1 Best Selling Author:Karen Packwood

Welcome to Karen’s ‘Claim Your Gold’ series of clairvoyant evenings complete with champagne reception! 

Karen is delighted to be commencing her tour this year in The Private Function Room of Cafe Rouge, Hampstead where each evening is dedicated to bringing messages of hope, inspiration, love and  guidance from Spirit so that you leave the evening feeling uplifted, supported and clear about how to take your life forward in such a way that you feel as if you have connected with, and are ready to, ‘claim your gold.’

For more detailed information on each specific evening please see below. Or go right ahead and book your tickets for her first evening:

Best selling author of “The Love Millionaire” 


Tickets purchased in advance – £55

Tickets purchased ‘on the door’ – £65*

Karen’s ‘Claim Your Gold’ Evenings of Clairvoyance will be held on the following dates. Each evening will have a specific life focus:

March 2nd

The Rose Gold Evening

Guidance for identifying and releasing obstacles in life so that you welcome in joy.

April 6th

The Yellow Gold Evening

Guidance for financial upgrades so that you can increase your flow of wealth, abundance and prosperity.

May 4th

The White Gold Evening

Guidance for Health and Well-being.

June 1st

The Red Gold Evening

Guidance for happy, loving & nurturing relationships.

July 6th

The Raw Gold Evening

Guidance for careers, dreams, hopes & aspirations.

August 3rd

The ‘Claim Your Gold’ Evening

Guidance for creating a peaceful, happy and nourishing life.

Claim Your Gold

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